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Yoga On The Patio / Third Sunday

Yoga On The Patio / Third Sunday

Join us on the Day Wines Patio every Sunday in the month of August for a morning yoga session! Our patio opens at 9:40am, and yoga is from 10am- 11am every Sunday. A glass of wine (four options available each Sunday) for post yoga sipping is included in the ticket price.

Meet our Yoga Instructor, Larissa Brockmeyer:

Cultivating her yoga practice since 2009, from carpeted Bikram studios to a palapa overlooking the South Pacific, Larissa has witnessed and experienced many incredible benefits stemming from ancient yoga traditions. Yoking together meditation, breath work, as well as physical movement for a practice that offers a space or moment that someone else may receive any one of the enchanting benefits. Currently teaching in Portland, Oregon at Modo Yoga and every Sunday in August at Day Wines in Dundee. 

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