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Momtazi Vineyard


One of the great under-rated sites in Willamette, Momtazi is a biodynamically certified vineyard nestled in the foothills of the Coast Range in the McMinnville AVA. The soils are composed primarily of uplifted marine sedimentary loams and silts, with alluvial overlays and an underlying base of volcanic basalt. We are always thrilled to work with this fruit, as it's some of the most coveted in in the Valley. Many people wish they could get their hands on it, and we're fortunate that we do.

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Moe Momtazi began planting this property in 1997, and since its inception, no chemicals whatsoever have been used at the site. Farming is done by strict biodynamic methods, and all soil and plant applications are produced from materials grown on the estate. While the Momtazi vineyard is widely praised for its Pinot Noir, we have also found the Gris and Blanc to be top-tier quality, from which we produce our highly unique, vineyard-designate blend of red and white varietals.

Wines from Momtazi Vineyard