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All of our wines are crafted with an attention to detail that allows us to impart a minimum level of intervention in the winery. Our grower partners all practice biodynamic and/or organic methods in the vineyard. We take what the vineyard and vintage give us and allow nature to do its thing.

Our southern-most vineyard source in Willamette Valley, the Silvershot Pinot Noir is a stylistic reflection of the convergence of two soil types tempered by the famous winds that howl through the site like clockwork in the summer.

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A nod to the traditions of Alsace in northeast France, this wine is a co-fermented field blend of five white varietals that thrive in Willamette Valley. It's the answer to any number of wine mysteries, such as "what do you pair with Thai food (or Indian, French, Sushi, Oysters, etc)?"

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