2016 Vicis

Vicis; Latin – Definitions:

  1. exchange, interchange, repayment
  2. plight, lot
  3. turn, change, succession

Last year I was thinking about the delicate, pretty, floral reds that come from Italy, like Cerasuolo. I considered what grapes grow in Oregon and could be co-fermented to achieve something even more delicate than Pinot noir and thought of fermenting white grapes in with Pinot noir to accomplish this. Pinot noir, Pinot gris and Pinot blanc are very closely related varieties, like sisters to each other – and I thought the addition of blanc and gris would lift the aromatics and the palate to the place I wanted it to be.

At the same time my dearest friend Jennifer discovered that she carried the BRCA gene that leads to breast cancer, which she long suspected due to her family history. Last summer, she made the incredibly courageous decision to face the BRCA gene that she carries, and go through the surgical process of combating that menacing threat. I had never before witnessed such grace, fortitude, and courage as she went through this life and body altering ordeal – it was truly phenomenal.

Jenn was the inspiration for this wine which represents a solidarity with our sisters who bear the burden of this gene. The profits from these bottles will go toward supporting women as they deal with their plight, and as they change their lives so they might continue.

The wine is Pinot noir, Pinot blanc and Pinot gris – sister varieties – from Momtazi vineyard. The grapes were destemmed and cofermented in one small (1.5 ton) fermenter. The wine went through native ferment then into neutral barrel for 10 months before being bottled.

67% Pinot noir, 17% Pinot blanc, 16% Pinot gris.


McMinnville AVA

100 cases produced

13.5% ABV


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