2016 ‘Broken Destemmer’ Johan Vineyard Pinot Noir

 In 2016 we had near perfect growing conditions across the Willamette Valley. Most of our Johan fruit had already come in and was in fermenter, but we always pick Johan in a couple of passes based on ripeness of the blocks.  The day we brought in the second round of fruit – the Wadenswil – our destemmer broke. We scrambled and tried to find a replacement but weren’t able to get anything in place until the next day and we needed to process the fruit then, otherwise run the risk of losing the fruit to VA or other bad critters. So, I decided that we would sort the fruit and ferment it all whole cluster, and then later blend it back in with the rest of the Johan wine. The fruit fermented easily and without drama. It smelled great the whole time, and had no issues. We put it into 4 barrels, none of them were new. Later on, about a year later, I was tasting through all of the 2016 Johan barrels and I realized how completely different the whole cluster barrels were from the rest of the wine. It was really a unique and special wine that showed signs of being able to age for a long time. At that point I decided to bottle the whole cluster barrels on their own, and offer it just out of the winery. The fruit was fermented without the use of lab created yeast or sulfur. It was aged for 20 months, racked twice and bottled unfiltered and unfined in July of 2018.

Van Duzer Corridor AVA

80 cases produced (Winery exclusive wine)

13.5% ABV


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